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birds and vase still life photograph

still life photography with dead birds 2011

bird pile / compost pile

contemporary fine art still life photography with birds

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yellow warbler still life photograph

still life photograph with yellow warbler by austin, texas fine artist stella alesi

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painted bunting still life photographic study

I am about to start a collaborative painting project with Mo Scollan and Gabel Karsten. The idea is to each pick 3 objects,
do a painting with those objects and then pass them on to the next person. After round one we will each have produced 3
paintings. We might do multiple rounds.

Picking three objects is harder than you might think. I have been contemplating which objects to choose for a couple of weeks
now. The photo below is my first attempt.

photograph by fine artist stella alesi of still life with bird

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painting #183 first winter chipping sparrow

Just finished this painting yesterday. i think more than the bird it is the leaves i love.
It will be the last one to come out of my little temporary studio. We should be moving
into our new space on Friday.

fine art oil painting by austin artist stella alesi

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photograph of screech owl in creek

So this morning I walked myself and the screech owl I have had in my freezer for a couple of weeks just over to Bouldin Creek,
which is a 2 minute walk from my front door. I have been meaning to do this for what seems like forever. The photos I shot of
the owls in my yard weren’t working. My yard is just too tame.
At the moment I like the first one best for a painting, but some thing about an owl in the sunlight caught my attention.

After I felt like I captured what I was after, I thanked my feathered friend and left him there in the creek to continue his journey.


screech owl photographs

this tiny beautiful creature was discovered by my neighbors in their yard this morning. it was the second one in the last few
days. very sad. there has been quite a few of these baby screech owls in our neighborhood this spring. it’s been pretty exciting.
hanging out in the trees in the day, flying around screeching at night.
people love the owls.

here is a photo of the first owl we found. i sent this image to a friend who said it looked like a hand puppet, and i would have to
agree. it’s a difficult and strange thing arranging, i guess we can say, posing the dead. perhaps i should speak with a mortician.

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sparrow? with fossils and snake photograph

fine art photograph taken by stella alesi

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#180 painting of a checkered pigeon

random thoughts:

paintings about death. small beautiful deaths. the beginning stages of rebirth. the
physical body transforming. perhaps the higher self finding another body to inhabit.

i’ve been reading about near death experiences, they sound so wonder-filled i find
myself yearning to die, for just a short while, to experience it myself. It is often
described as a calm black space with amazing flowers and colors, all that have never
been seen before and beautiful music. Your entire life played out before you with new
insights. Often the person who experiences an NDE (near death experience),
becomes a more awakened being with more focus on the present moment and less on
material acquisitions and individual achievements.

fine art still life oil painting by Austin Texas artist stella alesi

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cedar waxwing

leon and i came home the other day to find a small box on our porch with a note that
read, “open slowly”.  I let leon do the honors.

i should have known it would be a bird, but for some reason i am still getting used to
this thing where friends drop off dead birds on my doorstep. this one was a very beautiful
cedar waxwing. there are tons of them in town right now so i expected it was just a
matter of time before one came to me.

i photographed him that very day but did not come up with anything i liked, but
yesterday was a new day and i came up with the image below. I love the way the stone
looks next to the bird, how they are both so smooth and rounded, and how the 2 black
seeds are as interesting to me as the bird is.

thanks bernadette and lucy for the delivery.