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Hanuman wheel

I believe I just finished this painting, except for the final varnish I want to do on it. I am pleased with the way it turned out
I knew I wanted to use the small Hanuman figure in the center. When I first placed him there it wasn’t working out. He had
no connection to the rest of the painting. It wasn’t until I familiarized myself with the story of Hanuman, that I saw what I
needed to paint. Someone he cared about was hurting and it was said that there was a plant, Sanjivani, (a lithophytic plant)
on a certain mountain in the Dronagiri range in the Himalayas that could restore health. When he arrived at the mountain,
he couldn’t identify which was the correct plant so he decided to just bring the whole mountain. He is pictured leaping over the
ocean carrying the mountain. Hanuman is also sometimes depicted tearing open his chest to reveal his heart.

oil on panel fine art painting by austin artist stella alesi


here is the painting in an earlier stage. it took a few months before I knew how to complete it.

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backyard mandala

a grouping of things transforming found in my back yard this morning

photograph by stella alesi of items she found in her backyard in the sate of transition

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