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studio view 12/14/2016

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#243 studio view

i begin these paintings from the transformation series flat, meaning i set the surface on a table and paint
the color banding and then the dots. once the dots dry i place the painting on the wall to paint lines. with
this particular piece i was very surprised by how it looked when i went from horizontal to vertical.
the dots towards the darkest edges began to float and a vignetting took place that had not happened before.
the painting seemed to create a sense of the infinite. after some consideration, (and a little bit of disappoint-
ment), I decide to forgo the horizontal lines I had planned so as to keep this sense of the infinite. the
disappointment came from the fact that forgoing the lines would mean the piece would be done sooner
then I thought and i was looking forward to the hours ahead of painting lines.

which led me to start thinking about the fact that i believe with my painting i have always put the work
first. i paint because i love the act of painting. the work of painting has always been priority in my life.


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transformation exhibit at BLACKBOX





studio view

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