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work in progress

“our house” collage

So here it is, my first piece of art to be created in Asheville. Working in a new studio is always a little difficult. A new set of movements needs to be
created; placing supplies where they need to be, so I don’t spend too much time thinking about where something is and I can follow the flow more
seamlessly. In this case an old wooden school desk was purchased at an estate sale, and I filled the drawers with old photos, paint, painted paper
and glue.

The original image, of the house at dusk, was shot by Leon this past summer when we were just visiting Asheville. I knew I liked it right away, and
while in Austin decided to have it printed to bring with me when we returned to North Carolina. I wasn’t sure what I was going to do with it until
I began. First was just the painted paper, and then I started adding old photographs of people outside their homes in the summer. I was trying to
recreate a history of a place I knew little about. As I started adding the photos of people, I realized that all my photographs were of white people, and
there was a good chance that this home was occupied by a black family. My new neighbors are black, and there is a black cemetery up behind our house,
(which our white neighbors have referred to as the “slave cemetery”). I have never found many old photographs of black people, (maybe 2), so I decided
to just make them black with some oil paint. That gesture felt powerful and full of questions.
I felt my way through the rest of the collage, with issues of slavery arising, but also with thoughts of the natural beauty inherent in this area and the lives
lived in these mountains.

our house 2

“our house”, #222, photo collage with painted paper, 2014, 20×30 inches
created in collaboration with Leon Alesi



our house detail 2

our house detail 3

our house detail

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balls and berries photo collage #192

fine art photo collage by austin artist stella alesi 2011

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collage scraps triptych

we are not in the universe, we are the universe

thoughts about transformation and composting, becoming of the earth again, rebirth, reunion

photo collage scraps

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life saver collage

So this is the latest collage piece using old photographs. I just realized I never photographed the first 2, I will correct that shortly.
These collages using the old photographs differ from those when I use full contemporary photos in that these create a story with a history. They show a
longer passing of time, an intergration of the past and what was future. I enjoyed adding the more contemporary color photos to the collage as well,
stretching the timeline even further.

photo collage using 1920 photographs by austin fine artist stella alesi



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photo collage: “leon/andy”

photo collage by austin artist stella alesi


more photo collages

thoughts of interconnectedness, parallel universes, and wonka vision


fine art paper photo collage

raquel/ryan collage study, 9×6 inches, paper on panel, 2011


fine art paper photo collage

heyd photo study, 9×6 inches, paper on panel, 2011



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idea for photo collages

for awhile now leon and i have been talking about cutting up his photos. the vision of this idea
was floating in my head for a couple of weeks, combining 2 photographs thru the use of the
diamond shape.

definitely thinking about Fred Tomaselli, Lance Letscher and Julie Speed

pictured below is a detail of the piece i am currently working on.
still working out the technical difficulties such as paper surface, glue application and process,
but i am enjoying working with a new approach.

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